Announcement of the boutique partner and the catering partner

  • 24-août-2021
Quebec City, August 24, 2021 - Just a few days before the public tours, which will take place on August 28 and 29, the Corporation de gestion du Centre de glaces de Québec is pleased to announce the two exclusive concessionaires who will enhance the visitor experience.

Great menus and a customized approach
A healthy menu for athletes is obvious, but so is a festive menu for visitors. Fastoche has positioned its offer on this balance to occupy a modern and bright food court in the center of the building. Fastoche, a sandwich shop that distinguishes itself by the quality of the food offered and by its personalized approach, will collaborate with the Centre de glaces Intact Assurance and will offer coffees for all tastes, Alex Coulombe's Pepsi products and Labatt Brewery's products.

"A restaurant is an important component of a living environment. As sports enthusiasts, we understand the needs and we will adapt our menus to all the occasions and activities that will take place at the Centre de glaces Intact Assurance. We will also offer a friendly catering service for any type of private or sporting event, as well as beverage service in the establishment," explains Jean-Étienne Billette, who founded Fastoche in 2008, a company known for its eco-responsible lunch boxes delivered by bicycle, and which now has several branches in Quebec city and a lot of sports partnerships and events.

A complete range of equipment and a high level sharpening service
Located in the heart of the Centre de glaces Intact Assurance, the boutique will meet the needs of the sports enthusiasts, whether they practice an ice sport or running. Nagano Skate and its collaborators will of course offer high level sharpening service for all types of skates with, among others, a Blade Master sharpener and an experienced chief technician on site. For the most demanding field hockey players, the boutique will offer a complete range of equipment with the CCM brand in the forefront. Collaborations with Skate Tec and Marchands de Vitesse will provide a wide ion of speed skating products. Running lovers will also be pleased as a partnership with La Boutique du Lac will stock brands as Saucony, Asics, On and Salomon.

Founded in 2016 by a group composed of Olympic speed skaters (François Drolet, Eric Bédard and Charles Hamelin), Nagano Skate is well known among speed skaters and stands out as a world leader in precision sharpening equipment.

"Over the past few months, we have been calling for proposals to find partners who share our vision of a place that promotes health and sport above all. This is why collaborating with Fastoche is a natural and exciting step. And the needs of sports enthusiasts will certainly be met by Nagano Skate, which combines the expertise of several specialists and offers the best combination of services," says Jean-François Harvey, general manager of the Corporation de gestion du Centre de glaces de Québec.

Create your membership now!
The Centre de glaces Intact Assurance will be in operation from the first week of September. In addition to the hours reserved for the recognized sports organizations of the Ville de Québec and for the adult leagues, many free skating and free running time slots will gradually be offered to the public.

Citizens of the agglomeration will have free access to these areas, while other visitors will have access at a modest cost. It is already possible to consult the schedule and to create your membership to the public activities by visiting our Public Activities section.