In the mid-1960s, the community of Sainte-Foy launched a campaign to support the construction of an arena (an electoral promise made by the then new mayor, Mr. Roland Beaudin). In February 1969, the new building was inaugurated. In 1972, the City of Sainte-Foy prepared a 400-meter natural ice ring. The old dead tree inside the ring will be remembered for a long time.

Photo credit: Roger Côté 
The Olympic medals that Gaétan Boucher won in Sarajevo supported the argument for the construction of a refrigerated ice ring, which was built in 1985.

The infrastructure of the Anneau de glace Gaétan-Boucher became famous for hosting international events:
  • 1986: World Junior Speed Skating Championship
  • 1987: World Sprint Speed Skating Championships
  • 1992: World Long Distance Cup for Men Speed Skating

The 1990s saw the creation of the Centre national Gaétan-Boucher and the province of Quebec, with its talented athletes, continued to assert itself on the national and world scene of speed skating. As covered ice rings became the norm for training and major competitions, the idea of covering the "Anneau de glace Gaétan-Boucher" became more and more necessary.

Photo credit: Courtesy of the Fédération de patinage de vitesse du Québec

Officially announced by the Ville de Québec in July 2016, the construction of the Centre de glaces de Québec began in September 2018 and was completed during the summer of 2021. Built at a cost of $68.7 million, this municipal equipment is funded equally by the Ville de Québec, the Government of Quebec and the Government of Canada. It is a state-of-the-art indoor facility that continues the rich tradition of success in Quebec speed skating.

The Centre de glaces Intact Assurance is the largest indoor skating center in America with its 400-meter ice ring, its two international-size rinks and the two North American-size rinks of the former Centre sportif de Sainte-Foy - which benefited from a major upgrade - and which is now part of the new building.

The Anneau de glace Gaétan-Boucher that used to be outside will continue to delight skaters, while a significant portion of the programming includes free sessions.  

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