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The Centre de glaces Intact Assurance offers the largest indoor running and walking track in Quebec! Rain or shine, you can run or walk on the 465m track, in the best conditions and with a view on the outside through the impressive 360 windows.

Every day, many time slots are offered for free to residents of the Quebec City area. Visitors from outside the agglomeration are also invited to take advantage of the activities offered for a small fee.

SCHEDULE 2021 (start of the season):
  • Go to the following link
  • Select the desired sports platform (running track)
  • Select the desired week (starting August 30, 2021 minimum)
  • Consult the legend by clicking on the icon ☰ (top right)


  • Go to the following link
  • Create your Sport Plus account (by clicking on "Sign In")
  • Create accounts for your family members, if needed
  • Select the desired free activity (skating or running)
  • Select the annual or daily membership
  • Proceed to order confirmation (or payment by credit card or bank debit)
  • On your first visit, present yourself at the reception desk with a proof of residence to activate your membership


On the track, runners and walkers must:
Have a valid admission fee (single access or membership)
Wear appropriate sportswear and footwear
Ensure that young children are accompanied by an adult
Respect the following corridors:
- Left: fast running
- Center: jogging
- Right: walking
Rest and sit in appropriate areas
Use the locker rooms or the runner's/skater's lounge to store personal belongings

On the track, runners and walkers may not:

Crowding, stretching or loitering at the edge of the runway
Drinking, eating or spitting
Wearing metal or plastic spiked athletic shoes
Rollerblading, biking or skateboarding on the track

A programmation of public skating and public running throughout the season!

FREE membership for citizens of the agglomeration and at a modest cost for visitors.


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