Centre d'entraînement Gaétan-Boucher

Named after a Quebec speed skating legend and four-time Olympic medalist from the Quebec City area, the Centre d’entraînement Gaétan-Boucher (CEGB) offers a coaching structure that is compatible with the athlete's long-term development model, while respecting an academic and individual path.

The CEGB has more than 60 athletes during the winter season and about 125 during the summer season, all of whom are active at the provincial and national levels, including members of the Quebec Team up to the National Team.
For nearly 30 years, the Centre national d’entraînement de Québec has been coaching Quebec's best long track speed skaters to reach their full potential. Within the National Team and the Next Gen National Team, this group represents the top of the development pyramid.


Whether in long track, short track or in a hybrid program composed of both disciplines, the Academy offers a structure that allows athletes to develop in a healthy and balanced way under a dynamic and personalized supervision. Athletes from the rest of Canada and international athletes who meet the standards can join the Academy at the current rate.

The Academy is composed of 6 groups:


André Grenier
Coordinator of the Centre d'entraînement Gaétan-Boucher
Coach in charge of the Academy


Club de patinage de vitesse Ville de Québec

All speed skating clubs in Quebec and Canada form the basis of this structure. Because of its proximity and historical link to the Anneau de glace Gaétan-Boucher, the Club de patinage de vitesse Ville de Québec offers development programs ranging from discovery to competition:
  • Youth 
  • Sport-study programs
  • Adult

Les Pingouins

Skating, the most Quebecois of sports! Les Pingouins - École de patin allows children, from the age of 3, to learn to have fun on the ice in a pleasant, healthy and safe environment. The school structure is very supportive and family friendly. The program is offered in Quebec City and in many other cities in the province.

Photo credit: Lea Csontos

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